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Philadelphia Freedom: Leatherdykes Come Out for the WOD Mid-Atlantic Regional

My next stop on my Woman of Drummer 2021 title tour was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for the Mid-Atlantic regional. This was by far the largest of the regional gatherings to date with so many new and young people coming out and being introduced to the Women of Drummer movement.

Traveling this time was a little bit different. Instead of flying into Philadelphia, I flew into Baltimore where I caught a ride with one of our newest members to the movement, who I also roomed with. We then drove the two hours to Philadelphia where we checked into our hotel room. It was awesome to get to know her in that time. That evening we had an impromptu, indoor, picnic-style dinner of dim sum and pho on the lower floor of the hotel with the other WOD weekend participants.

First event on the weekend’s agenda was the bar night at The Bike Stop / The Pit Stop. After getting all dressed up in our leather wear for the night, we met everyone else outside the hotel for the few blocks’ walk to the bar. The night was great with so many young people coming out to meet us and to see what we were about. Drinks and conversations were had and many a shenanigan was had on and in the bootblack stand. Overall, everyone had a great time and it was an incredible way to start to the Regional.

Saturday saw us back at The Bike Stop, but on the upper level with the lights on for the Leather Women’s Roundtable. The roundtable was a pretty good size with about fifteen people present, and the conversation was dynamic and gave some great insight into a variety of other communities throughout the region. The conversations tended to be around the juxtaposition between those that have been in the lifestyle and community for a long time and those, like me, that are relatively new or brand new. It is always a pleasure to hear where we have come from and to see where we are going, together, as a community.

For dinner, I was invited by a few of the attendees to a landmark Philadelphia Italian restaurant called Ralph’s. It was delicious as was the company I was in. I great to get to know these people better, which would come in handy later at the play party *wink*.

Speaking of play party, that evening was the play party at a phenomenal play space. Before all the festivities began, we sang and recorded “Happy Birthday” to Mama Vi and Ms Judy Tallwing, whos’ birthdays it was that day. We also had a birthday in the house, one of the attendees, so of course we all had to take turns giving them birthday spankings. It wouldn’t be a WOD birthday without birthday spankings. I personally had three scenes on my dance card and ranged from a heavy impact scene, to a rough body play scene, to a heavy impact-rough body play scene. I was exhausted, but with a full heart. There was so much play of all types going on throughout the various spaces and rooms. The energy was palpable and contagious. It was everything I wanted the party to be. I had actually promised a scene to another person, but we ran out of time at the play space, so we invited her back to our hotel room and had another heavy impact scene and again, my heart was full to bursting. Such a fantastic night with such lovely people.

Again Sunday came too soon, but it is always a good time for brunch. After packing up our stuff and loading it in the car, we all walked the few blocks to the restaurant for brunch. We took up two long tables and reminisced about the previous night’s happenings. The food was good and I got to try scrapple, a Pennsylvania “delicacy”. Thank you to everyone that helped make my Mid-Atlantic Regional Weekend a truly surreal experience and a weekend that I will never forget.

In Love and Leather,

Sara – Woman of Drummer 2021

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