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A Trip Down Library Lane

The last stop on my whirlwind Woman of Drummer 2021 title tour was the North Central regional in Evansville, Indiana where I finally made it to the Carter/Johnson Library & Collection!This was a well attended regional and it was probably the most sentimental and intimate of the regionals.

I flew into Evansville Friday evening, later than previously planned due to me getting a flat tire on my way to the airport in the morning and missing my flight out of Oklahoma City. Luckily, this was the only hiccup in my adventure. I got picked up at the airport by my roommate for the weekend and it was lovely to be able to share more time and space with her. We went to hotel to put my stuff away and so I could quickly get cleaned up and dressed for the evenings festivities. For dinner we met up with four other attendees and enjoyed some good food and each other’s company. Afterwards, we headed over to the bar night meet and greet at The Rooftop, which is aptly named, where we met up with everyone else. It was a fantastic combination of people whom I have known for a bit and those that I was meeting for the very first time. Drinks and more conversations were shared by all and we shut the place down; though it did close pretty early. A few of us, including me, weren’t quite ready to call it a night, so we ended up heading over to Someplace Else Nightclub, the local gay club/bar. Here we had few more drinks and watched the drag show till the tiredness started setting in on us and we left to go back to our hotel. Though we finally made it back to the room, sleep did not happen right away. What does a room full of Women of Drummer who haven’t seen each other for do? Why, we have a fisting and dildo party, that’s what. My day may have started out crappy, but it definitely had a few happy endings.

The next morning we got cleaned up, dressed, and headed out to get some breakfast and coffee at a phenomenal local coffee shopbefore heading to the host location for our regional. Because I missed my original early morning flight and therefore got in later in the evening, I had missed the open house at the Carter/Johnson Library & Collection Friday afternoon, Saturday was the day that I finally made it to this place I have wanted to visit ever since I learned about it. First on the agenda when we got to the Library was to greet and hug our gracious host and a matriarch of our community. Then it was time to get ready for the Leather Women’s Roundtable. The roundtable was a pretty good size with about fourteen people and our conversations were varied and ranged from the history of the Library and those that are involved with it to what it was like to be a titleholder during COVID-19. I love history and hearing from and learning from our elders. It is always nice to know that we aren’t alone and that we have elders in our community that want us, the younger generation, to succeed and are willing to give us a space and a chance to do so. After the roundtable, which was outside in the backyard/garden because it was an absolutely gorgeous day out, we all had a lunch of sandwiches at the Library where more stories were told and shared. Eventually, it was time to get ready for the play party which was at our host’s house. I went ahead of the general attendees and helped setup the play space which featured a sling, massage table, beds, and a couple of hard points. I then got dressed and got ready for everyone else to arrive. The night started with pizza being delivered for dinner and an impromptu cigar social on the back deck overlooking the amazing garden. I enjoyed myself a maduro cigar, chatted with a few about cigar play, and even got to pop someone’s cigar play cherry… delicious. Once my cigar was done and our host retired for the night, I ventured downstairs to the play space and finalized negotiating a fisting scene with another attendee, which to be fair, we had been planning for a long time. It was amazing scene that turned a bit primal, which is always an interesting aspect to navigate when neither party is expecting it, but it was still a great and successful scene. After the official play party was done, some of us, including me, again, were not quite ready to call it a night so we made our way back to Someplace Else. There I partook of another cigar and we shared more cigar play on the back patio. The play continued back at our hotel room with more intimate exchanges.

Sunday always came too soon, but it is always a good time for brunch. After packing up our stuff and loading it in the car, we all went back to the Carter/Johnson Library & Collection for a catered brunch with special Women of Drummer cookies. As is par for the course, stories were shared and plans for a photoshoot with all of us in the rare books room were discussed.After everyone ate their fill, we all went over to other space and got undressed and staged for the shoot. It was tricky crammingand strategically placing all of us in the room for the various shots, but it was fun, even if it was a bit outside of my comfort zone. Once we all got dressed, it was time to just look around and try to see all that we could before we it was time for each of us leave. Slowly we all trickled out to head back home until I was one of the few remaining. Eventually though, it was time for me say my good-byes.

As I got to the airport and was sitting there, waiting to board, I was suddenly hit with a sense of accomplishment with a twinge of sadness at the realization that this was it… This was the last regional of my Woman of Drummer 2021 title year. This was the last time that I would host one of these events. I am proud of myself though. For making it through my international title year and achieving my goal that I set the night I won the title almost a year go. My goal was to find more Women of Drummer, bring them into the fold, and help find ourselves in the process. I feel that I have accomplished that and while I am a little sad to see my title year come to an end, because it was so much fun, I am even more excited to see what the next title holders will do for us. I hope they make their respective title years their own and have fun with it, as I did. It has been an honor and a pleasure to be your Woman of Drummer 2021 and I thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for everything.

In Love and Leather,

Sara – Woman of Drummer 2021

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