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Home Sweet Home: Celebrating Women of Drummer in Oklahoma City

This time it was home-sweet-home for my Woman of Drummer 2021 title tour and the South Central regional in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Yet another fantastic weekend full of more fun, play, and badass people, but bigger and better because I got more of my local people to the Women of Drummer movement.

Travel to this one was easy, to say the least.

We started the weekend off at Alibi’s, a lesbian bar near downtown Oklahoma City, and one of three remaining in Oklahoma. The night was amazing and full of wonderful surprises. My first surprise was that the bar had come up with a special drinks menu for the event, of which I kept one of the laminated flyers. My second surprise come in the form of the arrival of my Angel, who not only came from San Diego to support me, but also came to bootblack for the whole weekend. The third and final surprise was probably the most emotional. During the course of the night, I was sitting in the bootblack stand with Angel doing her thing and when I was done, I was asked by a couple of the local dungeon owners if I wouldn’t mind sitting back down and waiting while all the people that had come to celebrate with me and some who just happened to be at the bar that night, come outside on the patio and circled up. The female dungeon owner than started talking about my work in the Community and that’s when I saw it. The male dungeon owner, her Sir, was holding a purple leather cover and after it was passed around for everyone to put their energies and love into it, he covered me. It was a phenomenal night and an incredible way to start to the Regional.

Saturday saw us in the dungeon with the lights on for the Leather Women’s Roundtable. The roundtable was a pretty good size with about eleven people present, and the conversation was dynamic and gave some great insight into a variety of other communities throughout the region. Again, it always interesting to hear of others’ experienced, trials, and tribulations within their respective communities. Through the discussion between everyone, ideas and strategies for how to improve things were shared as well as hope for how to make things better for us within our communities. After our Roundtable discuss, we all ended up going to lunch at my favorite Pho restaurant together. That evening was the play party at ThatPlace, one of the local dungeons I am a member of, and the owners of which who gave me my cover. There all the badass scenes happened. I personally had three (3) on my dance card and ranged from a boot-stomping scene, an intimate thigh torture scene, and a heavy impact scene. There were other heavy impact scenes, a whip scene, electrical play, fire cupping, and even a cell-popping scene, which was fun to hold flashlight for. The energy was palpable and contagious. It was everything I wanted the party to be. That night, I went home and crashed with pleasure.

As always, Sunday came too soon, but with Sunday morning, comes brunch! Brunch was at a local beer garden with a large open space, overlooking downtown Oklahoma City. All the people came out to join in the comradery and food. I loved that I was able to show my local community what Women of Drummer on a larger scale looks like and we and our movement were definitely well received. Thank you to everyone that helped make my South Central Regional Weekend a truly surreal experience and a weekend that I will never forget.

In Love and Leather,

Sara – Woman of Drummer 2021

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