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Aussie Mardi Gras: Finding Home So Very Far Away

A ridiculously long flight to the other side of the world, a first for me, was the beginning of a trip that would alter my view of Leather unity. Men’s spaces were opened to several of us, self-identified leather women from the States, in a show of ambassadorship. Equal parts excited and nervous, I quickly learned there was no need to be. I think I found my cosmic kinky fraternal twin within minutes!

We marched in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade alongside Studio Kink, an inclusive community group of rope enthusiasts, pups, latex fetishists, and of course leather. What an amazing time, having an excited crowd cheering you on, dancing to the beats of a fantastical kinky float! I really enjoyed sharing with kinksters and the public alike what the patch on my back was all about. I’m sure some who checked out the website are scratching their heads a little (or scratching another ticklish spot).

One of my silent moments that made this trip worth every cent came in the subtlest of ways. As we were standing outside a museum, a group of students were waiting to be gathered up by their instructors. I noticed a young person kept glancing over at me. I gave a smile, and said, “I like your hair”, referring to the pile of red curls on top of a freckled inquisitive face. They returned, “I like your shirt”. It was my Women of Drummer boi tank. Filled with words like, “boi, queer, badass”, etc., it seemed to have really connected with them. I felt that in that one moment I had made a tiny influence on the next generation to show that we are present, and we see them. Out here working to figure themselves out, and when they are old enough, may remember that one moment someone saw them authentically.

Really, that is the reason to be, travelling to the far-flung and nearby spaces, showing who WE are, and giving that glimmer of belonging others are searching for.

~Salted Honey

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