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FaceTime Fun

Daddy & I on Facetime

boi has been masturbating with a vibrating Lelo in their cunt and a magic wand on her clit while listening to Daddy sing….

boi: “Daddy, I can’t cum. Can you please help me?”

Daddy: “does your pussy need some help?”

boi: “uh-huh”

Daddy: “are you using both your toys?”

boi: “uh-huh”

Daddy: “Mmmm.. that’s a thirsty pussy.”

boi *moans harder*

Daddy: “that’s my dirty boi. Are you all wet?”

boi: “uh-huh”

Daddy: “your clit getting all hard and excited?”

boi: “uh-huh”

Daddy: “yeah, fuck that pussy.”

boi *gets more wet*

Daddy: “come ride Daddy’s cock”

boi *fucks herself harder… So So wet*

Daddy: “yeah, baby take Daddy’s cock deep inside that cunt.”

boi: “yes Daddy, fuck me pleeease. I wanna ride your cock so bad.”

Daddy: “that’s a good boi. Ride that cock hard. You’re gonna cum so hard for Daddy.”

boi: “yes, please Daddy fuck me like that. Don’t stop. Plllleaaasee… I wanna cum all over your cock.”

Daddy: “mmm….you’re gonna make Daddy’s cock all wet.”

boi: “Yes, Sir…”

Daddy: “What a good boi. I’m gonna wrap my hand around your throat and watch you panic as breathing gets harder.”

boi *Gets too excited* “Daddy can I please cum for you? Pleeeease Daddy please.”

Daddy: “yeah, cum for Daddy”

boi *boi cums so hard their legs shake! Can’t feel their arms and they realize they have to get ready to go to work soon😳*

boi: “Daddy can you please come shower with me I don’t wanna let you go yet.”

Daddy: “yes, Angel boi. Take your ipad to the shower and I’ll stay with you.”

*boi showers with shaky thighs as Daddy continues to sing like nothing just happened*

~boi Nix

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