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A Fiery Awakening

I met Tammy on OK Cupid. She had posted a photo of herself in an incredibly sexy leather corset, elbow-length gloves, and a long leather skirt. I was intrigued by her style. In our messages back and forth over the next few days, she told me that she identified as a leatherwoman, and she asked if I’d like to meet at a local bar for a drink. We settled on the following Friday at ten.

When I walked into the Eagle on Friday, she was already there, sitting on a stool, wearing a tight t-shirt and jeans that hugged her ass. She had a black leather vest on, with her name “Tammy” and her pronouns “She/Her/Hers” underneath stitched on a patch with lime green thread. Other than that, her vest was blank. I noticed the blankness because there were a lot of men there, with pins littering their vests. There were others who were shirtless and wore leather harnesses. This was something I had never experienced before, but I felt really safe.

I was wearing blue skinny jeans, black doc martens, and a black racerback tank. My hair was freshly buzzed. I usually drew stares when I walked into new spaces, but no one else really paid me any mind. I caught Tammy’s green eyes across the room, and she beckoned for me to sit next to her.

“Hi! I’m Mara,” I introduced myself, putting my hand out to shake hers. She bit her lip, grinned, and said “I’m a hugger. Do you hug?” I nodded shyly and she opened her arms up and enveloped me and said “Welcome to the Eagle!”


I sat down next to Tammy, and ordered a Diet Coke, tipping the bartender well. I wanted to keep my wits about me in this new space. Tammy kept smiling at me, and finally I got the nerve to ask, “What is… a leather woman? Does it mean you wear leather all the time?”

“Oh no!” She chuckled, “Leather is a lifestyle. It’s not a costume. It’s in your heart. For me, it’s the deepest desires of my sexuality. I’m a Dominant, and I go by Domina Tam in the lifestyle community. If you stick around me for a bit… I can set your inhibitions free, and set you on fire.”

We spent the next two hours chatting about her work as a Dominant and she told me that she had a slave at home named pam. I had heard of these types of arrangements before, but I had never experienced it myself. She suggested that I could watch what she did to pam, and if I was interested, she would give me a taste too. I was hypnotized by Domina Tam’s eyes by then and I agreed to follow her back to her place.


Driving the ten blocks from the Eagle to Domina Tam’s apartment seemed to take forever. I was so excited to see what this fiery encounter would entail, but also a little nervous. Did she really mean it when she said she would set me on fire? She must have been speaking figuratively.


When I pulled up to the apartment, Domina Tam motioned for me to pull into the driveway behind her. I did. I followed her up the front walkway, two steps behind her, not saying a word, entranced by her hips swaying as she walked. She was gorgeous. She opened the door and invited me to follow her in.

Once inside the vestibule, I noticed a cage. It was the kind you might put a dog in, but it was under a bench where you also might sit to put on your shoes. There was a beautiful naked woman inside.

“Domina Tam, may i ask a question?”

“you may.”

“Is this her? The girl you met online?”

“Indeed, and she has never seen anyone play with fire, so you are going to show off for her, and take a bit of heat.”

pam looked very excited, “Of course.”

Domina Tam let pam out of her cage. pam crawled down the hall behind me, as I followed Domina to a room that had a massage table in it, a couch, a few benches with cushions on them, a set of stocks, and this wooden X with eye bolts on it.

“Please, make yourself comfortable,” Domina Tam said, gesturing towards the couch. I sat. pam crawled up onto a hot pink massage table, on her back. She had marvelous perky breasts with long thin nipples that stood erect when she laid down. Her nipples were pierced with hoops, and both of the hoops were connected to each other with a chain.

Domina Tam began massaging pam with Aquaphor lotion, explaining to me that it was fragrance-free and it was to provide a layer of protection between her slave’s skin and the flames. As Domina Tam massaged pam, she began to moan. It looked like she was having a good time. Then, Domina Tam opened a metal tool chest. She pulled out two long sticks with cotton tied around the top. They looked kind of like marshmallows on skewers about to get roasted. She poured a bottle of 80% isopropyl alcohol in a glass, and let the sticks soak for a few moments. Then, she lit one on fire.


First, she drew a pattern on pam’s belly with the unlit baton, and then she set it on fire, and I could feel the heat as the flames danced across her and then went out. pam was arching and spreading her legs open. It was obvious where she wanted to be touched, but Domina Tam decided to tease her a bit, drawing elaborate designs down her legs with the fire, and blowing the lit baton towards the soles of her feet so they were kissed and warmed by the flames. pam was humming in pure ecstasy and then Domina Tam took the lit baton and started blowing the flames toward pam’s cunt. This made pam start screaming “may I please cum for you, Domina Tam? Please may I cum? I am begging you.”

At this point, I realize that my underwear is soaked. I am really turned on, and despite the fact that I was brand new, I found myself saying, “Please let her cum, so I can have a turn next!”

The words were out of my mouth before I even knew I was going to say them.

Domina Tam laughed. She blew out the torch baton and shoved two fingers inside pam’s pussy, and the waterworks erupted.

“Thank you Domina!” she screamed as she trembled with orgasm.


They embraced, and then both turned to me. “You want a turn now, Mara?”

“Yes, please, if you have time tonight,” I surprised myself.

“Yes, there’s plenty of time tonight to try this… and if you consent, we can always try other things in the future.”

“If I may, what other things?”

“Fire cups are a wonderful way to achieve orgasm,” they both said in unison.

“Oh… can I try that now?” I was feeling really brave and wanted to try new ways to reach a higher level of orgasm. It had been a few months since I’d slept with anyone, and I needed a release.

“Well… let’s get you naked!” Domina cheered as I stripped off my clothes, helped by pam, who helped me untie my boots and take them off.

I laid on the table on my back, with my legs spread wide. Pam held my thighs down, and I saw her holding what appeared to be a small glass cup. Domina switched out her fire torches for clean ones, and then soaked them. She then lit one on fire and holding both torches with one hand and the glass cup with the other, she lit the inside of the cup on fire and quickly placed it over my clit.

I immediately felt all of the blood in my body race to my crotch, and my clit began to throb. The suction from the fire going out pulled my clit into the cup so it looked like a miniature dick. pam began to tap on the cup as I felt my body start to quiver.

Domina Tam then put cups over each of my nipples, and they both were sucked into the cups. Domina began to tap on those cups, as I felt my body relax, and I listened to the music of the cups tapping as I released wave after wave of orgasm, and as I squirt in the cup attached to my clit, it popped off. Just in that moment, Domina Tam pulled the cups off my tits and with a big POP sound, my tits bounced back down, my nipples sticking up about ¾ of an inch higher than usual. She grabbed one in each hand and twisted up, as I began to shake. I was in ecstasy, and I never wanted it to end.

As I screamed “Please, let me cum, I’m begging you.”

“What have you been doing the last ten minutes dear?” Domina Tam laughed.

“I need the big one…” I howled, “Please…”

“Go right on and finish…” She continued, “but know that when you do, you are Mine, just like pam, here.”

“Yes, please, I need this every day,” I whimpered.

“Very well,” she said shoving two fingers into my cunt and pushing towards the anterior wall so I felt her in my pussy and my ass at the same time, and I began to gush rivers of juicy wetness all over the massage table and Domina’s fingers.

Domina put her fingers in my face, “Taste yourself. See what I do to you? You need this.”

“I do.”


That was five years ago. I moved in to begin training as Domina Tam’s 24/7 slave a year later, and I have been collared and Owned by Her for the last three. There are three other slaves in the house, and we can all agree that Domina Tam is the hottest Leatherwoman we’ve ever met.

~Arielle Sky

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