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Transcendence: Music of the Fierce Leatherdyke

In August of last year, Fidget posted a challenge on Faceboook asking “when you think of a badass, fierce, leather dyke, what song and artist pops into your head”? While her intention was to get feedback on a project she was working on, the outcome was far more significant. As people posted and linked YouTube videos to the feed, she was amused and slightly turned on as she listened to the music mentioned by her friends. But, as the posts dwindled down and she played all the songs, an unintended outcome to this question became more apparent to her.

While there appeared to be a difference in music choices by women of different generations, there seemed to be similarities across regions. Fidget pondered whether individuals see themselves in similar ways regarding their fierceness during play. Interesting, leatherwomen perceived themselves as fierce during slower moments in the warm up, the rhythmic symphony of the core of a scene , the climax and the tender connections made during aftercare. The music they preferred during these moments might have changed in volume, intensity, and rhythm but feeling fierce seemed to transcend many types of music and many situations.

Let’s take a look at the list started on Facebook:

Patti LaBelle                          Eyes inthe back of my head

Joan Jett                                  Bad reputation

Cher                                         Gypsies tramps and thieves

Brittany Spears                    Work bitch

En Vogue                               Free your mind

Blondie                                  Heart of glass

Heart                                       Crazy on you

Heart                                       Barracuda

Pat Benatar                           Heart breaker

Evanescence                         Bring me to life

Annie Lennox                       I put a spell on you

Eurythmics                            Love is a stranger

4 Non Blondes                      What’s up

Pat Benatar                            Hit me with your best shot

Pink                                         So what

Stevie Nicks                           Leather and lace

Joan Jett                                  Do you wanna touch me there

Halestorm                              You call me a bitch like its a bad thing

Pink                                          Stupid girls

Janis Joplin                             Piece of my heart

Nena and Kim Wilde           Anyplace anytime anywhere

Porcelin and the Tramps   King of the world

Lita Ford                                 Kiss me deadly

Halestorm                              Love bites so do I

Madonna                                Express yourself

Cher                                        Woman’s world

Natalia Kills                          Problem

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah               Heads will roll

Kittie                                       Brackish

Beyonce                                 Grown woman

Pussycat Dolls                     I don’t need a man

L-7                                          Shotlist

Rihanna                                 Head ft. jeezy

Melissa Ferrick                    Drive

Nine inch nails                    Animal

Queen Latifah                     Mc Lyte

Siya                                        Dyke

Temper                                 Temper’s room

Eve                                         Who’s that girl

Scandal                                 Warrior

Patty Smith                          Scandal

Madonna                               Gambler

Christina Agular                 Fighter

Rough Trade                         High school confidential

Halestorm                             Apocalyptic

Concrete Blonde                  Valentine

Rihanna                                  S&M

Adelitas Way                          Dirty little thing

By no means is this list inclusive of every type of music nor does it represent the tastes of all leatherwomen. However, we present this list to you on our first blog to solicit your responses and additions to this list.

So, I pose the same question to you-“when you think of a badass, fierce, leather dyke, what song and artist pops into your head”? Feel free to add to this list by making a comment on this blog! 

Toni Solenne

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