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Mid-Atlantic Women of Drummer Gathering

What do hot bitches, whipped-cream covered bananas and magic cucumber-peelers have in common? Woods DNAnigans! Sixteen leatherwomen hung out in the Woods with 400 of our closest gay leather friends September 15-17, 2017! What fun we all had together!

Leatherwomen from Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Maryland and Colorado came together throughout the weekend to drink, chat, tell stories and play together. We were thrilled that Synn Evans, IMsL 2012 from Dallas, Amy Leatherfox, Mid-Atlantic Leatherwoman 2018 from Baltimore, and Jada, Ms. Leather Colorado 2017, joined the group for the weekend.

The weekend began with a Women of Drummer Cocktail Hour and the Woods Contest Meet & Greet featuring our signature drink, “Hot Bitch”. The whiskey complimented the heated cider and quickly warmed up the group. We were welcomed in the pavilion play space by the Woods Leather Contest producers and camp staff. Some of us chose to move through the dark back rooms featuring glory holes, slings, cross and a piss tub. Others, watched porn, chatted at the front bar and drank jagermeister shots with Mama Sandy!

Saturday morning featured a Women of Drummer round table where women talked about themselves, the regional scene and the Women of Drummer movement and contest. It was great to sit around the fire pit, take in the sun rays, and meet new friends. The discussion included ways one can participate in the Women of Drummer movement all year round through blogs, twitter, instagram photographs, video, gatherings and the annual DNA/WOD contest weekend.

Women of Drummer co-hosted the DNA Mid-Atlantic Block Party Saturday afternoon. The food & music was sponsored by local clubs and title holders. DNA provided a very hot play space. Women of Drummer entertained the crowd through a variety of kinky games including “suck it”, “whip cream banana game”, “balloon popping relay”, “cucumber kick the can”, “twerking ping pong”, “pass the ball”, and “clothespin race”. The competition ended in a tie between the DNA & Women of Drummer teams. A “fishbowl paddle” was awarded to both teams. We have committed to returning next year and resuming our friendly rivalry!

Saturday evening featured a play party in the Women of Drummer tent. As women moved in and out of the play tent throughout the night, most participants gathered around the fire pit, ate roasted marshmallows and enjoyed the moans and impact heard through the thin walls. Unique to this gathering, Jessica Fidget, Executive Producer of the Women of Drummer Contest, started a group story-telling circle around the fire. Just when one might think the group had reached a new low, the ever-evolving story took the group from a galaxy far away back to pre-historic times, and back again.

A registration package to the DNA/WOD contest weekend February 22-25, 2018 was given to the lucky winner of the raffle, Master Kim, from Delaware. Women of Drummer would like to thank the Woods Leather Contest producers for encouraging our gathering to be an event, inside their event. We would especially like to thank all of the sexy women who joined us for part or all of the weekend!

The gatherings continue in 2018 after we all come together in Las Vegas February 22-25, 2018. For those that hear our drum, we are never far away. You can find us online 24/7 and we welcome your blogs, videos, and photos all year round.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @womenofdrummer

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