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My Boots

My Boots are an essential part of me and define me in so many ways. I have always worn boots of some kind in my life some for the sole purpose of keeping my feet warm and dry in the winter and some because of how they make me feel when I wear them. I have always loved how I feel when I walk around in a kick ass pair of boots. So, do you have a kick ass pair of boots?

A kick ass pair of boots to me are the ones that when I put them on I feel strong and confident. My walk and gait changes to reflect how they make me feel. A pair of black leather boots with a good clean shine that smell of Hubbard’s reflects who I am in many ways and how I feel the strongest. I do not wear my boots every day, but I do wear them as often as possible. They reflect the true me and the Boi I am always working on becoming. My boots help me to realize the metamorphosis of myself as a person.

I care for my boots and in that it evokes a relationship of caring and love. In so, I also enjoy watching others care and love on my boots. There is nothing better than a bootblack who is on their knees in front of me loving and caring for my boots as I place my foot on their chest. The power and strength and can get lost in the moment. It is sensual and empowering.

My boots protect me and keep me warm and safe, they provide strength when working in the dirt or camping or hiking. They are battered and worn but greatly loved. They are cleaned and conditioned and loved and admired, they provide me with strength of character and a true sense of who I am. They are a part of me. I have boots that are older than many of my relationships and in this way, they are also reliable and sturdy. I have many pairs of boots and I love them all for different reasons. But I care for them all the same. They are a true reflection of my own strength, empowerment, love, sensuality, thoughts, and demeanor.

My favorite pair of boots are the pair that I have earned in my journey in the leather world. My Sir bestowed upon me a pair of boots that I earned. I placed those boots in a place where I would see them everyday to remind me of my goals I had to achieve to earn them. I had to learn to properly care for my boots. I had to be able to show those skills to an approved boot black before I was allowed to wear them. I pushed for that goal and when I was finally able to wear my boots for the first time it was a whole different feeling of love and empowerment. Those feelings are what shines through when I wear those boots.

So, I challenge you to really think about how you feel when you put your boots on no matter what pair of boots, think about why you chose them, and why that day. How do they make you feel when you walk in them, how does your gait and attitude change when you are in them? How do you love them and what do they give to you?

~Boi Mitch

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