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D/s from Three Points of View

Description of a D/s scene from three View points.

1. Narrator over view

She reluctantly walked up the porch steps to the front door, wearing a tank top, shorts and flip flops. She was instructed to wear clothes that would not be a problem if torn off. Next she sees the text message saying, “the door is open, meet me downstairs and don’t make me wait.” As she walked in expecting to hear her Sir’s voice, but it is quiet. Wondering what her Sir’s plans might be, excited the submissive in her. She begins to procrastinate not wanting to make Sir wait, but at the same time, needed to be able to channel her inner submissive. She gets some water, walks around to the window to look at the back yard. She crept down the stairs, calls out to Sir, but gets no reply. She made sure they could hear her every step while walking through the doorway to completely blackness. Her but excitement builds, she nervously asks,” Sir are you in there, can I please turn on the lights?” Sir whispers in her ear from behind, “No… this is punishment, do not make me wait. You must follow directions if you expect to train with me.” they walk around her saying “Hurry now, undress down to a thong.” This time she would’t not keep they waiting.

Her body shakes to the point that she is unable to support herself. The dark terrifies her, her mind in panic, heart racing she quickly removes clothing. Sir speaks, “ Kneel down, eyes to the ground, feet tucked under the end of the bed frame (to make it hard for her to squirm). She whimpers and listens intently as footsteps drew closer. She slid down to her knees carfully not to look up, putting her feet under the bed as instructed. Her mind racing in mixed emotions, thinking what’s next? Stepping directly in front of her, Sir begins to run his fingers through her hair, reassuring her and says “good girl”. He then, grabs a hand-full of hair locking his fingers and pulling slightly. Then grabs her chin and slaps her face. The sub whimpers, and says, “Thank you Sir”, Saying this is Sir’s signal that she likes it and wants more. She kisses their boots. They lean with her and grab her hair tighter, “Did I fucking ask you to worship my boots.” “No sir, may I please clean your boots with my tongue sir?”. He pulls her head toward their boots, indicating to her she may now lick them. She begins to lick the leather slowly, long slow strokes. Sir uses her hair to guide her where he wants her to lick.

After Sir is satisfied with the boot cleaning, still in the dark, she begins to beg sir to turn on the lights. The pleads only fuel their sadistic mind, pinning her down, covering her mouth and nose. They feel her heart franticly beating, eyes wild. Sir counts to eleven and let’s go to slap her face, telling her to stay calm. They whispers firmly look in to my eyes, and put their hand over her nose and mouth again and again. Each time adding a number or two until she relaxes. They can feel her try and squirm as her body tries to flee but she can’t and finally concedes. Her heart has slowed and she is in complete sub space. Now they can continue their fun.

Begging for the lights to be on, Sir tells her you can have the lights on, “only if you are blind folded. This builds trust and mental training.” She agrees and her eyes are covered with a blindfolds and they walk out side. Goosebumps run down her body, excited for the unknown. “Don’t fuckin move,” they say circling more again. They tie her hands, telling her to open her mouth. She mumbles thank you as the gag is placed in the mouth and tied to her hair.

2. From the perspective of the bottom.

The sadistic side of you coming out excites me and makes me happy. At first, I thought Sir was going to do suspension as they walked me out side, blindfolded and gagged. The second they slapped my ass and interlocked their fingers into my hair pulling it, I really didn’t care what was going to happen next. Gagged, “thank you Sir” as my mind draws blank, followed by pops of a whip, “oh please sir no” muffled yells. Sir pauses and I say, “please… Thank you Sir” as my ass has not been whipped in ages.

Their smiles and giggles fill my head with joy as I know Sir is having fun and branching into their sadistic side. My hands are bound with rope. I move, beginning to get antsy. The rope begins to tighten as I test my restraints, not even realizing they are watching me in the act, my ass is immediately whipped and hair begins to be pulled as I am forced to stare sir into their eyes. Sir begins to demand, “ stand still” as my body proceeds to cringe at the amount of dominant power they exert. “Do you want me to stop,” Sir says. Begging is the only thing I am able to speak, “ Im sorry Im sorry Sir .. I just … Im sorry sir… I will not do it again.” Not satisfied… more rope is applied to secure my wrists and hands to a pole. I look for the end of the rope, reminded of the trouble I’m in. I can’t help but think of biting the end of the rope to unravel it and proceeded to begin freeing myself, I glance over at Sir and get the look of, sure try it and see what happens. I quickly jump back into position on the center of the pole, my ass begins to burn, immediately reminding me of what is to come. I am left for what seems like hours in the blazing sun, alone and unable to escape.

As I stand there in the sun feeling like pig on a spit roast. I cringe when Sir comes close to me. Intimidation fills me from the amount of power they exert and partly because I thought they were still far away. The blindfold if pulled down and I see their eyes, feel their skin touch mine. I can’t help smiling, knowing they are going to make me suffer. I gasp for air, at the slapping of their hands against my burning ass. I had forgotten the force Sir’s slaps excerpt as it builds. My heart begins to pound. My mind races… not knowing if it should process the slaps, my tingly fingers, or the sun’s heat impeding my ability to stand still. I think Sir’s hands begin to warm up because they disappear again, the next thing I know they are tying up my hair and I am being gagged with rope. As they try to gag me my teeth clench refusing to open. Another slaps on the cheek and the gag goes in. I get wet, knowing this is just the begging.

My cunt throbs as the wipes begin to touch my skin. The single tail now dipped in paint. The first lashing is a warning. The tip soaked in paint felt like a wake up rather than painful. Kisses of the whip followed by multiple constant lashes until breaking skin. Please sir please no , is the only thing I can say, but I do not use my safe because, I do NOT want them to stop. The tip reapplied with paint coolness is a relief followed by the sting. The intensity builds and my mind goes into overdrive. I move more and more my body trying to distract their aim to allow my mind to brace itself and take in the pain. I feel Sir’s body touch mine as I hear them begin to whisper into my ear, giving me reassurance everything is ok. “Shall I continue?”

Sir applies the paint to canvas with the loudest cracks of the whip. The sound made my body cringe and move. I begin to gasp for air and wince as if those cracks were applied to my skin. Sir is amused by the mental aspect that I get during this scene. As Sir paints, it allows me to realign composure of my body and we become one. My heart still racing I watch what they are doing. I am curious, I wait intently for my turn for a swing and I am hit. Sir swing at me and back at the canvas again, and again until they are done. Sir has me shower and crawl back up stairs to wait in their bed for after care.

3. Form the perspective of the Top.

I took control as soon as she walked in the door, to avoid the usual nervous procrastination. I had a plan that would not be diverted, I intended to keep her focused. I allow dramatic escalation by placing her in a predicament. I instruct her from the dark and lure her outside. Her body bound post her consent. Her tongue continued to resist domination. Sassy retorts from her mouth, came as fast as my whip.

I chuckled at the thought of what I will be doing next. Knowing she only knew the bones of it. I leave her in the sun for twenty minutes, tied to a pole in the yard. I wait and watch as the clock counts down on my phone. she is fair skinned so I don’t really want her to burn. I have more in sore for her. I act as if I had come back and she is begs, pleading as though it had been hours. I get more rope and make a gag and have to force it in her mouth that doubled as a way to hold her hair out of the way. The hair harness was the perfect solution and I had been wanting to try it for some time. I can feel the energy shift and I finally have her and we can begin.

My paints already set up and ready to go. I proceed to my whips to make a painting while whipping her. I work kisses of my whip from her back back down her ass. I then, give her a warning hit and crack my whip at the canvas and back at her over and over. Thrilled at each squeal that came out of her, I painted both canvas and girl to satisfaction. Finally I take pictures of the body painting, shower her, and give her cuddles until she falls asleep in my arms. the next day I asked her to write a scene review from her perspective. I wrote the over view with both accounts and then my response after processing this delicious scene.


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