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When I started in the lifestyle, i just wanted a little more action. Some sexy handcuffs, some spankings, and more sex. The “problem” with the lifestyle is that it’s a rabbit hole of Wonderland, and the further I went, the more I wanted to see/do/taste/touch. It started with being cuffed to a bed, hogtied and flogged until I begged for release. That’s it…hooked for life. I wanted more of everything. Typical frenzy, and maybe it’s a frenzy that has never ended. Almost seven years later, and I want to feel everything I see, to push the boundaries of what my body is able to withstand. I am a dichotomy of masochistic contradictions. I can’t take five hits with a paddle before I’m reduced to tears, yet I have had my tits nailed to a board, whipped to a bloody mess, labia stapled shut, and beaten to a rainbow of purple and blue hues.

I see the sexy in the rough, the sexy in the filth, the sexy in the soft. I get wet when I smell Leather and boot polish, squirm when I smell the sweat of a play partner, taste the salt of their skin. I feel the sexy of a whip lash, hear the snap of that cracker, feel the burn that radiates from the strike. I feel the sexy of soft skin under my hands, the resistance of flesh under my blade, the quivers of a cumming bottom. I see the sexy in black tears running down her face, or see the rivers of black on my own when I’ve taken all I could take, surrendering to the pain they’ve graciously given.

I see the sexy in the Daddies, the femmes, the leatherdykes, the rainbow glitter littles, the bois, the gurls, the sissies, the divas, the self-proclaimed sluts. All. I want it all. I see the sexy in you…and you…and you. This Pandora’s box of our lifestyle is just fucking sexy, and sexy fucking. And I hope this frenzy never ends.


Woman of Drummer 2019

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