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10 Reasons Why WOD Contest Weekend was so Hot and Life Changing

1 – wishing at the drum circle for some marking on my bottom before the end of the weekend got me in some delicious trouble. One Sir said there is no reason to wait, let’s start now. So I was held by a super cute Fag boi while I got my ass beat by a yummy Daddy! Mmmmm

2 – I got tied to a cross in the queer play space and was topped by some oh-so-hot folx. I was blindedfolded and they kept switching tops on me. My body remembers all the delicious things that happened so well. All the tit torture that went on, the ice being unexpectedly shoved in my underwear, the flogging, the fucking stingy paddles, the feeling of something sharp running down my chest and a Daddy whisper in my ear “don’t move!” ooooffff. Hot in here! Cuddles and head pets were the best aftercare!

3 – I got to go to a fisting party! Got a really cute boi to get on that amazing porch for me so I could fist him after I teased him a while 😇 I watched his pupils expand and listened to him growl. To finish him off I just had to yell “cum for me, bro” 🤣

4 – I got to awkwardly flirt with a super hot Mommy who took me to the play space and flogged me while a faggy boi made sure I stood still. Damn, I didn’t know Mommies could be soooo fucking hawt! And such amazing aftercare 💕

5 – I got to spend more time in the queer space while this bratty cute boi taunted and teased me. I warned him to stop but he kept giving me that one raised eyebrow and clacked his fan which made a sound that vibrated through me. I finally lost control and got him to stand still while I circled around him hitting him with whatever I pleased and whispered in his ears until he giggled nervously. Finally, he came for me, maybe as many times as I came while I played with him 😏

6 – I got to watch two Hotties wrestle over the patch. Damn that was hot!

7 – I got to watch someone get whipped on the campground. The whips where dipped in some sort of paint which left beautiful traces as they striked. What a beautiful piece of art!

8 – I had to stand still, fully naked, while my body was painted with a brush, one gentle stroke at a time, in the most sensetive creases, by someone so hot that I had to work really hard not to drip down my thigh and ruin their art ☺️💦

9 – I was given the honor to straddle a Sir and give them a massage by the fire at night as an act of service, hoping the whole time that my shorts were absorbent enough that I would not leave a wet spot on the back of their shorts ☺️

10 – and When it got really hot out in the sun we jumped naked in the amazing pool and floated around cooling our bodies, getting ready for the next round of sexy, badass, fierce fun 💦🌞🌈🔥


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