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Call for Blog Submissions

Updated: Mar 16


Call for Submissions: Women of Drummer is asking women to share their personal stories and/or opinions on issues related to our fierce, badass, leather lives. Because there are women who live in areas without a fierce, badass, leather, local community or do not have the finances to travel to regional gatherings, we have created a monthly blog and video channel to share with one another all year round.

Submissions will be reviewed by Women of Drummer staff and assessed to the blog’s style, content, and applicability to movement. At this time, we have accepted and will publish articles about (1) fierce music, (2) badass boi bottoming, and (3) sharing our fierceness with the next generation-raising a feminist in today’s political climate. As you can see, these blogs are about a variety of topics including play, what gets us hot, our interests and politics. These examples apply to the Women of Drummer movement in both direct and indirect ways.

The blog will be shared on Facebook, Twitter and our website.

The Women of Drummer Movement is something we feel inside and share with one another through play, sex, conversation or just hanging out. We hope that many of you will be able to join us in 2017 at our regional gatherings and the 2018 Women of Drummer Contest. We will come together as regional groups in Phoenix, Kansas City, Portland, Toronto and Atlanta and as a North American community in Las Vegas  within the next 12 months.

Submissions should be sent to:

Thank you for believing in Women of Drummer!

Yours in Leather, Toni Solenne

WOMEN OF DRUMMER MISSION: We, the fierce, sexy, playful, leather, sexual outlaws of North America come together to share ideas, collaborate, and celebrate who we are. This is not another conference, this is an opportunity to connect. This is not another contest, this is a chance to encourage our sisters to represent our playful way of life. We celebrate our love for our leather brothers, but this is OUR movement. We speak with our voices, walk our path fiercely with grace and dignity, and enjoy ourselves in our leather. We dance to the rhythm of our drum. Welcome to the #womanofdrummer movement!

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