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Badass Boi Bottoms

To me there are several things that make a scene hot, sexy and fierce. For me the main aspect when I am bottoming during a scene is the music. Music at a play party is essential. It sets a mood, evokes emotion and can get the adrenaline pumping. It sets the mood and the scene itself. My preferences of music tend to be in line with that of Nine Inch Nails, Halestorm, Marilyn Manson and anything else you can think of within this genre. Music sets the scene for me by helping me get into the space for play. It builds the adrenaline and let’s face it, there is a dirty side to the lyrics and the beat that makes my brain tap into a primal side. Isn’t that the goal?

The drum beat in music mimics the beating heart. It is an external representation of that which is the core of life itself. Throughout time and across culture, drum beats have been utilized for celebration, sorrow and communication. In a scene, the effect of the beat of the music can raise the heart-rate and increase the blood flow throughout the body having the same effect as when the body is preparing for a sexual encounter. Think about it. We listen to different types of music depending upon our mood or the task on which we are focused. There is a reason stores and elevators play soft soothing familiar songs.

Scening is no different. Scening with a more seductive type of music, such as Mazzie Star, is going to make a scene primal in a more seductive way than say, Halestorm Freak Like Me. The music is essential for the type of scene you are seeking. The music sets the pace and scene in many ways. Most importantly for me is that it helps create a more primal atmosphere leading up to the scene.

After all, as leather women are we not about raw, open, pleasure? As a bottom, I have a desire for the gut wrenching release of the deepest parts of me. The kind of release that strips away the layers of bio family, work, school or any other daily life junk. The kind of release that gets to the core of me….that is primal! That is FIERCE! This gives me the trust in my Sir to know what I need and desire at that moment. This is freeing on so many levels. There is no greater love than the energy that is exchanged during a scene with my Sir. I do as I am told without question knowing it pleases her as much as it does me. This is established at the beginning of a scene. As the theme of a good movie, book or piece of music, a good scene begins with a gradual start and builds in intensity to a climax.

The energy in a scene for me builds greatly when my Top and I lock eyes. I feel connection, respect and admiration in that moment. It is in that moment that she can see all of me and knows that the trust I have in her is there with her and her alone. The room may be filled with others watching but for me they are not there at all. For me, there is no one else in the room but my Top.

Between my Sir and I, flogging is our preferred play. As she slowly warms up my skin, I can feel the sting of the leather against my skin. As the leather connects with my bare skin for the first time, I cannot help but smile. When the intensity of the leather against my skin increases, so do the feelings of fierce primal response, both verbally and physically. My body responds by opening up and welcoming every touch, bite, slap and sting of leather. I relax my muscles more and as that happens, my verbal response becomes louder and more cathartic. By the end of the scene, my mind is void of anything else other than concentrating on working my muscles to remain standing. It is usually at this moment that Sir will once again stare into my eyes and we have an amazing exchange of energy and love. Sometimes it is so intense that my heart could burst at that moment. Slowly the music becomes prominent again and the room becomes clear again. The music pounds in my ears and all I see is Sir, just the same as the scene began.

To me, this is being fierce, leather and playful. This is being a #WomenofDrummer.

~Boi Mitch


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