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It usually starts with her kneeling beside the bed. Head down, knuckles down. I place my choke chain around her neck and her bulldog harness on her torso. I sit down on the edge of the bed and smell her head, her pits. Feral triggers. Alpha, beta. She begins to mouth breathe and shifts her body closer, responding to my presence. Yet, she dares not raise her head to meet my eyes. Sexy.

My horny dog holds position as I reach between her legs. I’m down off the bed now, behind her. Sniffing her, biting her back and neck, while stroking her clit. Alpha, beta. She gets harder and harder in my hands and begins panting. I love feeling her arousal, manipulating it. Her hole is dripping for me, but it’s not the hole I want; I want to use my dog as a tool. I torment her red rocket till she is close to orgasm then deny her. Repeatedly. She whimpers. Playful.

Whimpers become moans as I command my dog to remove my panties with her teeth. The smell of me is permeating the room, and her mouth waters. I make the hand signal that puts my dog in the prone position. She immediately complies. I admire her form and obedience. I absorb her submission with my eyes and feel gratitude in my heart for such a gift. I place a high heel in the middle of her back and instruct her that when I whistle, I want her to worship me with her mouth. Lap up all that… goodness. “And don’t stop till I kick you off.” Fierce.

No sooner does the sound pass through my lips that she is *on* me. I pull on her choke chain, drive my heel into her shoulder, and grind my weight into her face. “Get it,” I grunt. I cum and cum while my determined dog keeps at her command, only stopping once I’ve kicked her to the floor. For the first time, our eyes meet and I rub her head with love. “Good dog.”

~MJ, Pennsylvania

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