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15 Reasons Why I’m A Leatherdyke 

15 Reasons Why I’m A Leatherdyke “I want the next generation to step up and learn from the people who walked before us. We have to make time in our busy lives before we don’t have the opportunity to do anything but read about the past. Those of an older generation need to see us, teach us and know we have a similar fire in our hearts. The fire and strength of the badass leather dyke isn’t dying with my generation. We are here. We have the heart and soul of fierce, primal, energetic leatherwomen and are willing to fight for who we are, stand up for what we believe in and we aren’t going to let anyone tell us who we can be. We just need to have a place to grow and be ourselves. That’s what I want to help Women of Drummer be about-specifically creating a space to grow, learn and play beside those that have come before us.” ~Bunni

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