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It’s Raining Fists in Florida

My second regional took place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I had been looking forward to this trip ever since winning my title. In Florida we were hosted by Women of Leather Florida (WOLF). I first met Ms. Marilyn, Ms. Rae, and Girl Lizzy of WOLF during the contest weekend at the intergenerational roundtable. I was struck by their genuine desire to connect with younger generations and evolve as the times change. I also felt a deep sense of respect for their decades of experience and wisdom. I was so excited to share space with them again and see how they played. 

I arrived in Fort Lauderdale in the morning on Friday, February 24th. The warm weather and sunny skies were a welcome reprieve from the grayness and chill of mid-Atlantic winter. I spent the afternoon getting acquainted with the hot tub at the house where we were staying. I felt grateful for this opportunity. While I was invited to the beach that afternoon, I decided to conserve my energy for the meet and greet.

On Friday night I showed up to the Wilton Manors Eagle, dressed in my red corset, black denim skirt, harness boots, and my new kitty ears. I looked and felt badass. During my first trip I felt nervous about working a full bar in a new city. This time I was exuberant. I was finally spending time with WOLF. I felt supported by the presence of my producer, Toni, and my dear friend Frank travelled from Sarasota to spend the weekend with us. What an adventure! The highlights of my evening were working the crowd, finding a fun new T-shirt, and introducing Frank to the community that has welcomed me and cheered me on as titleholder and as a leatherdyke. 

Saturday afternoon was the roundtable back at the Eagle- and what a turnout! There were so many women there, Toni and I split those attending into two groups, each of us facilitating one group. I led a delightful conversation about the different kinds of play we have observed in different regions, substance use, and consent. We rounded out the conversation with a discussion of our favorite scenes. I had the pleasure of describing a tickling and impact scene I did the month prior with my good friend, Monica. We laughed, shared stories, and even arranged playdates for the play party that evening. 

The play party started at 8pm in the back of Leatherworks. Before the party I shopped with Ms. Rae. She helped me try on some shorts and I found a black studded armband that has become one of my favorite pieces. Girl Lizzy and the rest of the WOLF crew did a great job setting up for the play party. There was no shortage of equipment, and porn was projected on the side of the building outside. It was a warm night- perfect for a few hours of debauchery. 

I met up with my first playmate of the evening, a lovely local switch. She pounded my flesh with her fists and palms, keeping up with the tempo of the music. The room faded away as I closed my eyes and invited the pain into my body. She proceeded to use paddles and canes until my skin was hot and I could barely take more. Afterward she wrapped me in her leather pride blanket and hugged me.

This play party was the first time I topped after bottoming. My next scene was with a very sweet Little dolled up in a cow outfit. We negotiated a lighthearted scene, full of tickling, punching, and teasing. It was an absolute joy to hear her giggles. I felt powerful as I swung my flogger onto her back. My fists rained down punches on her tender body. Truly a night I won’t soon forget!

Sunday morning was brunch at El Guanaco. The weather was bright and balmy. As I enjoyed my elote and breakfast tacos, I looked around at the crowd of Leatherfolk who had become dear friends in the span of a few days. I feel incredible gratitude for the work that WOLF and my producer put into making sure my first visit to Florida was rewarding and full of shenanigans. I look forward to returning!


Woman of Drummer 2022

Photo Credit: Chris

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