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Women of Drummer Southeast Gathering

Twenty-five Women of Drummer from eight states came together to get “down and dirty in the South” this past weekend in Atlanta. Leatherwomen came together to engage in “DNAnigans”, network and find kindred spirits. Many of the women knew one another and the weekend was one of getting to know Women of Drummer.

Friday night’s Meet & Greet was held at My Sister’s Room, a well-known Atlanta lesbian bar. As with most Leatherwomen get-togethers, the conversations focused on play and sex. There was a sexual overtone in the air and a buzz of excitement about Saturday’s women’s play party. As my friend Judy Tallwing has told me many times-the difference between lesbians and dykes-well, lesbians “make love” and don’t talk about it and dykes “fuck” and talk about it all the time! Many of us were excited to talk about our play, pickup sex, and oh, the possibilities of what we might do with one another the next night! The group traveled down to the Atlanta Eagle later Friday night. Hotness with some Hubert’s & Cigars occurred around the Bootblack stand and the heat intensified as Ms. Atlanta Eagle 2012, Jackie, and Ms. Atlanta Eagle 2017, Dale, were sizzling.

The next day, Women of Drummer hosted a round table for women to talk about themselves and their connection to the Women of Drummer movement. The tempo and talk about the play component of the Women of Drummer contest generated much excitement, it crescendoed into a wrestling match in the middle of our discussion circle! (See picture below) The round table conversation concluded with ways one can participate in the Women of Drummer movement all year round through blogs, twitter, instagram photographs, video, gatherings and the annual DNA/WOD contest weekend.

Saturday evening featured a womens play party at the Rush Center. Evidently all of the Friday night chatter at My Sister’s Room about play & the intense sexual energy in the room was reported to the center and while our group was permitted to engage in BDSM play, we were asked not to have sex at the center. Interestingly, the result was a lot of talk about “where does BDSM play end and sex begin?”, “Is fisting, sex?”, and “If I cum when you spank me, are we having sex?”. Play did happen. Lots of conversation happened. And, we were all very appreciative that the Rush Center allowed our play party to happen!

The weekend concluded with a brunch where a registration package to the DNA/WOD contest weekend February 22-25, 2018 was given to the lucky winner of the raffle, Traveller, from Tennessee. Women of Drummer would like to thank the wonderful leatherwomen of Women in Leather Atlanta (WILA) for sponsoring our play party, D Dom for coordinating the weekend, and all of the sexy women who joined us for part or all of this weekend!

The gatherings continue in Portland, July 28-29, in Pennsylvania, Sept 15-17 and all come together in Las Vegas February 22-25. For those that hear our drum, we are never far away. You can find us online 24/7 and we welcome your blogs, videos, and photos all year round.



Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @womenofdrummer

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