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I love getting marks when I play with my Mistress. Seeing them – on my back, butt, breasts, or thighs, each welt, bruise, scratch, bloody spot – just makes me so happy and bubbly! I tend to refer to them as “my trophies”.

When I received my first marks from Mistress, that is the term that immediately sprang to mind – Trophy. A word that is usually associated with some gold or silver figure fixed on top of a small box. Per Webster, a trophy is “a prize or memento received as a symbol of victory; a memento of one’s personal achievement”.

This matches my feelings exactly: each stroke of the whip, spank of the paddle, scrape of the knife is an achievement. I not only endured, I reveled in the sensations. I took what my Mistress gave me and asked for more. I pushed myself past any sensation I thought I could handle, and loved it.

However, my joy in my trophies is not limited to considering them a memento of a personal achievement. More importantly, they are a product of extraordinary teamwork. I could not receive any trophy if not for the incredible skill, care, and consideration of my Mistress.Those moments, when my skin is radiating heat as she makes my nerve endings crackle and sizzle, flaying my skin, using her favorite implements on me then stops to give me a loving caress? Those are the moments I want to go back to again and again.

So, I stand by my perhaps odd term for marks, even though I can’t put them on a shelf or in a box to be pulled out from time to time. Unlike those mementos, my trophies heal and fade (damn it).

Um, Mistress? Can we add to my collection?


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