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Southeast WOD Regional in Nashville!

Women of Drummer – Southeast Regional 2022 – Nashville, Tennessee – April 1st-3rd, 2022

The second stop of my Woman of Drummer 2021 title tour was at the Southeast regional in Nashville, Tennessee. It was anotherfantastic weekend full of more fun, play, and badass people.

ROAD TRIP! This time I decided to drive from Oklahoma City to Nashville and after a 10 hour cruise through the south-central states, I made it to The Presley Hotel. I made it just in time to take a little rest and then got ready to go out to the Lipstick Lounge for the bar night and meet and greet.

On my way out, I met up with some of the attendees, that were also staying at the hotel, in the lobby so that we could all go over together. There we met up with some locals from The Markand even a surprise guest at the very crowded venue.Fortunately, upstairs in the cigar lounge, aptly named The Upper Lip, it was much quieter and we were able to secure a semi private room so that we could actually have some conversation. During the course of the evening to go along with the wonderful conversation, I got to enjoy a lovely cigar and whiskey. Random people would wander in and out of our room and eventually we would be joined by one of the owners who was a hoot. We ended the night with an epic and hilarious adventure to WhatABurger. It was a great start to the Regional.

Saturday started with an early Leather Women’s Roundtable at the dungeon that hosted us, The Mark. The roundtable was a pretty good size with eight people present, and the conversation was dynamic and gave some great insight into a variety of other communities throughout the region. Being able to put some of my experiences in perspective and context to others is always rewarding and having a look, however brief, into those various communities; their strengths, their struggles, helps me understand what makes different, but also what make us similar. All of these aspects create a technicolor fabric that is OUR community. After our Roundtable discuss, we all ended up going to lunch at a local restaurant together. That afternoon was the play party, also at The Mark, which is a phenomenal play space. There I had a lovely and intimate heavy impact scene with one of the local attendees. It was a pleasure to share energy and space with her. Afterwards, we went back to the hotel to just relax and nap in anticipation to go back to the dungeon that night to meet more of the locals during their general play party. It was nice to meet more people and share our story with them. Afterwards, a few of us went out for a nice dinner at another local restaurant. We back to the hotel and after a full day, finally went to bed with smiles on our faces.

Again, Sunday came too soon, but fortunately we had brunchback at the Lipstick Lounge to put the cherry on top of a fantastic weekend. We again had wonderful food and conversation with wonderful people. We have definitely found more of our people in Nashville and I have made additional connections and friends and I cannot wait until my journey takes me back to Nashville. Thank you to everyone that helped make this Southeast Regional Weekend a phenomenal one.

In Love and Leather,

Sara – Woman of Drummer 2021

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