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Motorcycles, Leather and me

Freedom…power…fun, these are the first words that come to mind when I think of the connections between motorcycles, leather, and kink. Although I was introduced to these worlds at different stages along my journey, I have finally found a place to embrace all of these pieces of myself and authentically be me.

The earliest recollection actually connected leather to motorcycles, at about the young age of eight. My mom’s boyfriend at the time rode a Harley and was the typical bad ass old time biker. He had long hair, pulled back into a ponytail, wore leather boots, a leather vest and had the long chain wallet in his back hip pocket. I would ride on the back of his bike to different events and parties and I felt an acceptance within the biker community that I never felt anywhere else, until much later in life. I was told to always wear a leather jacket with boots when riding because they would keep me safe in the event of an accident, they would keep me warm on the cold rides and they would protect me from flying debris off the roadways.

Lesson learned was leather =acceptance and safety.

Then, there were the leather clad women. Leather pants, tops, vests, killer boots and all of this was incredibly sexy to me. I always loved to feel, or wear leather, and the smell of leather, well, that is a major communicator between my oral sensory factors and my wet panties, but back then, I had no clue as to why.

I ride my own bike now and on April 17, 2011, I went for my first long distance solo ride. I traveled from Skyline Drive down to the Blue Ridge Parkway and ended at Deal’s Gap to ride The Tail of the Dragon. If you don’t know about the Tail of the Dragon, look it up on YouTube, it’s an amazing road with 318 curves in just 11 miles! (shameless plug…seriously, check it out!)

When I slip my feet into my leather boots, reach for my leather jacket or my leather vest and put it on, I can feel the transformation begin. As I straddle my bike, like I did to her the other night, I start her up and hear the roar of the motor. I feel the power well up within me and pour out of my body. My bike and I become one as we roll down the road. All of my stress and worries slip away with each passing mile. It is just the here and now, enjoying the moment with all of my senses becoming more alive. Feeling the wind on my face, smelling fresh cut grass, seeing the flowers in bloom, and the taste of absolute freedom hits me.

I have met some incredible people because of riding and that is how I found the Leather Community. It was on my solo ride that I conquered fears and realized that there was a life that begged to be lived. In the leather community I prefer to be in a women’s space. As a Bi-poly-switch (a side of myself I have recently discovered), I find a kinship in places like the comraderies of the kinky Olympics at The Woods Campground, A place where I can feel safe and secure and embraced, like at a women’s roundtable to discuss the different types of leather gear. Like the connection of skin on skin against a woman’s breast, a woman’s play space provides a connection, and an energy that is about acceptance and safety.

This trifecta of events throughout my life has led me to here and now. Much like the way the road takes me to that moment where all of my senses become alive. I daydream about a hot sexy butch boi, in leather on a bike wanting to go for a ride. To go to a place where there are plenty of hills and valleys to explore. Unexplored worlds to be found, and limits to be tested, the levels are as unbounded as my imagination, and my imagination can be a dirty girl sometimes.

I have found where I belong because of riding my own ride. Whether I am wearing my leathers while I am riding the roads or walking around events, I feel empowered, safe, and sexy. I am wrapped in my safety net, I am a strong, badass, biker bitch that rides her own ride and I am a kinky AF Leather woman.

Gus, West Virginia

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