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Leather Slip

Oops! Is my leather slip showing?

I consider myself an empowered woman, but I have grown into my sexy, my beautiful and my strong. It hasn’t always been that way. It’s always been there, but it can become occluded by societal expectations that breed insecurity and it is easy to succumb to those pressures. I didn’t have any real plans for last night, I had played the night before and really just planned to hang out and socialize with my friends and enjoy the company.

For the most part, people used to perceive me as a sort of “pervertable vanilla” which has its own mysteries, the darkness lurking under still waters presenting its own conundrum to those around me. But last night I decided to let my leather slip show a bit – my leather and lace. So, I put on my lacy stockings, short skirt, shined boots, and leather vest and headed out for the evening.

I got to chat with all my pervy friends and everyone looked amazing. The ladies in their beautiful dresses showing their lovely curves, ample breasts and soft skin. And the shoes… ladies, the shoes!!! As the night lingered, I found myself suppressing the fantasies of the piles of tender women and wanting to just swim in their graceful beauty. It was intoxicating and I could feel the deep growl of desire growing within me.

When I was approached to play with one of my favourite lovelies… YES! It has been a long time and we have always had a deep connection. When they first entered the public lifestyle, I assisted them with their first public scene applying a bit of rope to get things flowing. My part was gentle and tender and in the end, I was her first girl kiss. I felt her awaken that night and I have watched her grow ever since.

Negotiations with her Dom were rather simple. No knife play, remember we aren’t fluid bonded, and the words that are magic to my heart, “I trust you”. We decided on a sensual scene with probably some sensory play, but I never really plan these things and allow the scene to flow in its own energy and take us on a journey. She inspected a few toys in the chance that I would use them, I looked her body over and decided to start with rope… it almost always starts with rope for me.

I let the rope slide over her chest, warming to her skin, feeling her relax into the sensations. Soft and slow as I wrapped her arms, enjoying the connection. Some stroking of the skin and hair, a bit of kneading of the flesh, a little nipple play and I felt the quick shift in energy. I looked into those eyes. Those eyes that pierced through me as if to say, “I dare you to push me further”. That struck something deep inside me. Something primal and voracious. I felt the stir of the starving leather beast within and needed to feed.

I took hold of her and laid my feast out on the spanking bench. I stroked, I licked, I grabbed handfuls and mouthfuls. I felt her writhing, begging, anticipating more. I was consumed with a hunger but I played with my food. Enjoying each morsel, I dove in with a delicious passion. I was so drunk on her it was palpable. Her mind, body and her primal soul opened to me. Fistfuls of hair, twisting of rope, my knee pounding into her sex, my hand clenching at her clothed clit as she drained through her panties, my nails clawing at every inch of her.

Her feedback, a contrast of resistance and wanting, her moans and vocal desire pleading. I had to temper myself so as to not go beyond the limits, but I pushed all around them. I glutted to sate my craving, on and on, never getting enough. She presented and bucked and each time was met with the force of pleasure and pain.

The beast in her was unleashing as well and I climbed up, straddled her head between my knees as I faced that lovely ass, and I tamed that ass with my crop all the while riding the back of her lovely neck as her head pounded up at me. I felt the beast screaming to be released and kissed her, taking in her tongue and lips, tasting her, consuming her breath.

With trembling hands, I needed to release the rope that bound her, our foreheads together, both of us panting, breasts heaving, sweat dripping. Neither of us wanting this to end, it wasn’t over, she fought me, pushed, pulled and resisted. An offering to me to take control and truly put her in her place. We wrestled our way to the floor and I let her fight me, expend the energy that that was building in both of us, only pinning her as needed to remind her who was in charge.

Applying pain in erotic doses to see her cry out, eyes roll, back arch and gasp for breath, forcing her hips down under mine, keeping her down where she belonged, my hand on her throat. It continued until she had no more to give. I had taken all that she had and she was done, spent, wrung out. With that last deep breath and sigh she had, I savoured my last bite of her, having enjoyed such a delicious meal. One last swat at the twat as she gasped and gave me her last drop, I licked the bowl clean.

~Mama Gail

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