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Four Words

Just four little words. Simple really. Just four, not any more or less, only four words. The never cease to elicit a response from me. My heart starts to race, I feel my skin sensitize and become flush. Muscles tense and relax in anticipation. I feel myself start to get wet, and my clit start to throb. All from four simple words.

These four words hold a wealth of meaning and information. They are the valuable and something I cherish dearly. I know each time I hear these words, life is never the same after. Each time I am forever changed. Each time I hear these words I open a little more, I let go a little more. These four words don’t hold much meaning to your average person. To me they are worth so much more than I can describe. Four words.

Four words that make me feel as if I am stepping onto a roller-coaster. That nervous anticipation, that excitement, all causing my heart to race and to know that I will keep coming back for more. To know I will push myself at her request. Letting myself go into her trusting hands. Knowing I will cum and cum at her whim and pleasure. Knowing that sometimes I will not cum, only to wait aching and throbbing, pleasuring her until she is satisfied before she grants me release from the ache she helped create deep inside of me. Pushing my limits, making my mind stop and let go. Helping me to trust. Just from four simple words.

My life is never the same after hearing these words uttered from Mistress’ lips. Something that I look forward to hearing and get butterflies all at the same time. I want it to go away. I really don’t want it to go away…that feeling. That wonderful, awful, beautiful feeling of anticipation and hyper-awareness. Four words that let me know I must be ready for my Mistress, for whatever she has in-store for me. Four words, simple, that when spoken by my beautiful Mistress, stirs up so much, and quiets my minds at the same time.

Four words. Simple. So much meaning.

Spoken by Mistress…”You have 15 minutes.”


Columbus, Ohio

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