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Because Darkness Knows Me Well

“Dance in the dark with me”, Her voice commanded… breathing into the back on my neck, her cold knife grazing on my body.

Naked, cold, arms shackled high, delicious fear surrounded me as I fell into the fire of Her words…

Nodding, and smiling, I say “Yes, Sir of course I will.”, imagining the orgasms to come.

But Darkness knows me well.

“No, This is about Me, I really do not care what you want from this. When you cum all of it stops. I want to hurt you, hear your screams, relish your tears… you do want to give me everything, don’t you?”

Weary, I tremble and say, “Yes, Sir.”

Because Darkness knows me well.

I settle waiting for Darkness to fall on me, uncertain where the steps would lead.

Tearing into me, Darkness takes flight.

My body gives way to pain, wanting the sweet release, the scent of sex glistening between my legs.

Darkness chuckles because Darkness knows me well.

Darkness unleashes Her thunder and lightning upon my skin over and over; the animal flesh burning into mine.

Taking my breath, making me bleed, sweat burning, tears streaming, body begging, Darkness pulls my head back by my hair, her knife presses to my breast, forcing me to look at who I am in the mirror.

“Do you want to cum?”

Defeated, I reply, “No, Master.”

Darkness snickers, because Darkness knows me well.

Searing pain shoots through my body as teeth and blade penetrate me.

With my pussy trembling, I fall into the safety of the shackles and give in to the demons of Darkness.

Whips, knives, grunts, breathing, floggers blend into a terrifying melody.

The tempo increases, devoured by the dance, I lose all I am, and fade away.

I wake in a haze, to the feel of a warm wet tongue licking the cold stickiness on my back.

Safe in her arms, the scent of blood, sweat, tears, piss, and cum permeate our safe haven and I wonder.

“Did, I cum Sir?”

Darkness stops and gently kisses my neck, and goes back to feast.

No words need spoken…

Because Darkness knows me well.

By Orenda Reigns, Woman of Drummer

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