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Badass Leatherwomen

When deciding on a topic for this blog, I felt myself being drawn to that of “badass leatherwomen” which got me thinking.  I am very fortunate to know many women that I would consider badass women and when thinking about them, I started thinking about qualities that they share.  Which leads me to write this blog, not on a set of individual women that are badass leatherwomen, but what qualities do they share that make me think of them as badass leatherwomen. So for this blog, I am going to share a few (but certainly not all of) the qualities that I feel women share that make them badass leatherwomen.

The first of these traits, I would have to say is being a Sexual Outlaw.  Most places still have some sort of law on the books that make illegal the type of play we do, the way we get our pleasure.  Despite being consenting adults, there are still laws that say adults can’t consent to “being hurt” and therefore makes what we do, against the law.  Aside from that, many people have morality clauses as a condition for employment.  This means that if someone who both has a morality clause for work and engages in BDSM activity get “outed” they have a strong potential to lose their job.  On top of even that, “society” (whatever that means these days) says that as women, this type of lifestyle is even more abhorrent.  As women, we shouldn’t enjoy or get off on hard, rough sex and if we do, we must be sluts and whores (because these are obviously bad things, right?) (also, more on this kind of sex next).  We are supposed to be sexual but not *too* sexual and if the sex is deemed “violent in nature,” we definitely shouldn’t want that as women because as women, we should be encouraging only the type of engagement that is seen as kind and nurturing.  So, let’s break this down.  Badass leatherwomen are sexual outlaws in a literal sense in most areas because still have laws that prohibit BDSM play, are sexual outlaws because for some women, they run the risk of losing their livelihood by engaging in BDSM and are sexual outlaws because society as a whole still attaches a stigma to BDSM, especially as a female participant.  Why, then, are badass leatherwomen still so passionate to live this lifestyle?  Simply put, being a sexual outlaw feels good so they do it, despite everything above, and that is pretty badass.

That part I mentioned above? The part about hard, rough sex? Let’s talk about that for a moment (or two…or three).  Badass leatherwomen get turned on and get off on leathersex.  What makes leathersex different from any other kind of sex? On one side, they might love grinding the toe of their boot into her cunt during an erotic bootblack scene or get turned on by the heady combination of sounds of leather falls hitting her ass as she whimpers with pleasure.  Or it might be the other side. It might be the love of the rushing endorphins when the paddle meets ass or that feeling of excitement when the rope is tied tight and there is nowhere to go.  To someone who doesn’t live this lifestyle, these things (and all the yummy things in between) look too perverse, too outside of the norm to be pleasurable but for those women who are badass leatherwomen, it’s an intoxicating dance back and forth for that carnal pleasure.  Badass leatherwomen enjoy their bodies and the bodies of their play partners in a way that most will never understand except for those that do.  Pretty fucking hot and pretty fucking badass.

The last quality that I want to talk about in this blog is a little less racy but still such an important trait of badass leather women and that is the sense of community.  Like any other community, it forms around common interests.  So as sexual outlaws and as women who enjoy pleasure in a different way, they tend to surround themselves with like-minded people.  With that in mind, badass leatherwomen tend to go those extra few steps to positively contribute to the communities they find themselves in.  For some, that might be building an online community so that people who aren’t able to connect with a leather community that resonates with them have a place to feel connected.  For others, it might be through being that friendly face or available resource to newbies at a leather meetup or gathering.  Yet another badass leatherwomen may have the ability to organize things like fundraisers, groups or events and do so to fulfill a need for their community.  Community might mean city or state or as broad as country or even international. It also includes the online community bringing people together from everywhere.  No matter where the community is centered, there are badass leatherwomen contributing to the betterment of those in that community.  They invest their time and energy because their leather community, and specifically the people who make it up, are worth helping it thrive and grow and that is badass.

Being a sexual outlaw, getting pleasure out of leathersex and having a dedication to community are just some of the traits I feel badass leatherwomen encompass.  There are certainly others but these are the ones that stand out to me.  You might have been reading this and thought to yourself, “Hey, I see me in that!” and it’s absolutely possible.  Badass leatherwomen aren’t just the ones whose name everyone knows. Badass leatherwomen can be found in you and in me and in women we are side by side with as we live our leather lifestyle and maybe that is the most badass thing of all.


Woman of Drummer 2018

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