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A Panther Burns Inside

Watching a special on television about animal Predator and prey, I slowly began to fall into a nap on the couch. I woke up slowly first by a warm feeling in my core like a fire was burning inside my stomach, and then abruptly by the doorbell. I looked outside to see that the cute mail lady had a package for me.

Strangely, my palms were sweated and my breathing deep as I gazed at her uniform and asked her inside. Her eyes reached my face and I could see that she blushed under the intensity of my stare. She swallowed and blinked as she was about to speak. I could see that she was hesitant and shy. Instead of speaking right away, I enjoyed the moment and became excited with her small stature and submissive stance. She was a mouse that came into my cage, and I wanted to play.

I could see that she tried not to stare at my eyes but her eyes seemed to ignore every command she sent to them. My eyes were fixated on her. I could see she was mesmerized as she looked directly into my bright blue, piercing eyes. I felt massive, strong and sensual. She began to say something about the package, but I didn’t hear a word she said. My heart pounded in my ears. It was as if she could hear my heart as well, and proceeded to stop in mid-sentence. I smiled at her and leaned in the doorway, arms folded across my chest, looked at her from head to toe and thought to myself, “I want to bat this mouse around with my paws and play with her for a while”. She looked so damn good in that uniform today. I wanted to lure her over and slowly take off every item she was wearing.

Again, I felt the fire in my core. I looked deep into her eyes, started to take the package out of her hands, and found that my words of thanks came out as a low growl. I cleared my throat and thanked her again and asked if she was new to the area. As she answered my question, her eyes lowered to the floor and she spoke softly about her recent move to our small town. It was almost as if this moment occurred in slow motion, her words mottled, my senses picking up every sodality.

I opened the package quickly and asked her if she knew that the jaguar and black panther were part of the same species. I took out the two small figurines inside the box and showed them to her and explained where my most recent spiritual journey had taken me. As I gave details about the powers of the panther, I found myself petting my pectoral area by stroking my fingernails over that area. It was as if I were sharpening my claws as I salivated over the possibility of devouring her this afternoon. My senses became even keener as I picked up the sensation of her heart pounding faster and deeper from across the hallway. I could feel her excitement and it was time to see where this was going.

I stepped across the hallway directly towards her as a test to see if she would back up or stay still. I looked her in the eyes as I closely sidestepped her and placed the figurines on the bench beside her. As I stood up, I came back in front of her and gazed into her eyes again. I ran my fingers down her jaw line, firmly held her chin and moved in for a kiss. She shuffled forward to meet me and my hands strongly embraced her hips, then back. My body pressed against hers until her body was flat up against the wall behind her. As we kissed, she parted her legs to draw me closer to her by permitting me to stand between her knees. My leg pushed up against her crotch and held her hips to the wall as my hands explored the sides of her hips. I could feel her grow limp in my clutch.

This seemed to be too easy. It had to be slow. Slow and animalistic was what I needed right now. I stepped back and stood motionless so she could feel my gaze boring, once again, into her. My attention overwhelming was focused wholly on her. I wanted her belly aching with hunger for me. I felt invincible, muscle tremors bouncing throughout my body. I wanted her weak. I wanted her to feel my power.

I saw her hold her breathe when I moved towards her. My fingers caught the bottom of her shirt and lifted it. She obeyed my command, raising her hands above her head and letting me remove her top. She swallowed and closed her eyes, sighing out the breathe she’d been holding. I reached around her back, unsnapped her bra and let it fall to the floor. As I reached up and firmly pinched both nipples simultaneously, she bit her lower lip. I smiled and let out a quiet purr of satisfaction. As I kissed her again, I slowly released her nipples clamped by my fingers and pressed against her body as she exasperated from the pain in my mouth. Her pain was my pleasure. Her discomfort was my joy.

My mouth left hers and I kissed down towards her neck, teeth teasing her at the same time as my fingers returned to torture her nipples. My teeth felt sharper, my canines seemed longer, and I thirsted for her blood. I caught hold of both of her wrists and pushed her arms back against the wall. I return to her neck again and this time, bite firmly and hold that position which seemed forever. The fire in my core steams up once again as I taste a little of her blood in my mouth. I hold her solidly against the wall and pull back to see her face once again. I am intense and I see that her expression has changed. She is beautifully in a trance and ready to succumb to my will. She will be my prey today.


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